Be kind to your mind during this Lock Down

Anagha Telang 

2020 has not really been a great year; somewhere or the other each one of us had great expectations from it. We made travel plans, we had career goals, we thought of giving time to that someone special in our life, and what not. 

When the entire globe is struggling to get out of the Corona pandemic, and everyone is trying their bit to get over this crisis which has shaken and disturbed the entire world badly; one thing which is really bothering me is the ‘Mental Health’ of many people.

The world is going through a lot of problems and majority of the population is under quarantine and many are acting as the front-line warriors who selflessly are giving their services to the society, but maintaining a healthy body is way too easy than keeping a healthy mind within that body. 

Social distancing and self-isolation is being recommended by all the experts, but in the hind side isolation has badly affected people. If we take a look at some data then currently, an estimated 2.6 billon people, i.e. one-third of the world’s population is living under some sort of lockdown or quarantine and this is considered as the world’s largest psychological experiment conducted ever. People under-going any sort of self-isolation are developing symptoms such as stress, mood-swings, insomnia, temper issues, depression, PTSD, etc. Many researchers suggest that there has been an increase in case related to mental illness and Google searches for therapy and counselling have increased. 

Along with common people the increase in amount of stress or depression is slowly rising amongst the corona warriors which include Medical professionals, Police, Media and others who are a part of the essential services.  

All of us are not lucky enough to stay with our loved ones; there are people for whom every single day of self-isolation is heavy and is affecting their mental health badly.  People who are staying away from their family fear that they won’t be able meet their loved ones ever again if something happens to them and this is causing anxiety and depression. The front-line Covid warriors who are giving their selfless service to the society have not seen their families from weeks and this is resulting to emotional outburst; they are too scared to see their families as there is a sense of fear that they might infect them unintentionally.  Senior citizens, children, teenagers, pregnant women and others have been facing serious mental health issues during the lock down. Deaths due to heart attack and high blood pressure have been reported and these might be a cause of anxiety or nervous breakdowns. 

Health is being taken very seriously by the government across the globe but where we are actually lacking behind is the mental health of people which is badly being hampered by the world-wide lock down. The governing bodies need to make sure that help is provided to people when it comes to mental health. Be it common people, Covid warriors, people who are tested as corona positive and who have won their battle against this unknown enemy. The government needs to educate people about the expected psychological impact and trauma during social distancing and lock downs and make them aware about the importance of good mental health along with physical health. Websites or Applications addressing such issues must be launched and it is made sure that people who genuinely need help gets it. 

 In terms of providing psychological support to the population most of the governments fail or reacts very late, as they have to the Covid-19 virus. If health issues are not given proper attention, many of the countries would be fighting another battle and this would turn something which is beyond our imaginations. 

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