Tata Trusts launches health campaign ‘5 kadam, Corona mukt jeevan’ on COVID-19...

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Tata Trusts has begun a state-wide community outreach to encourage adoption of health practices as promoted by the Government of India, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Beginning 31st March, the exercise intends to creates awareness, engage and educate rural masses.     
The campaign ‘5 kadam, Corona mukt jeevan’, ranges from video messages, short animation videos and infographics to audio messages, and SMS based messaging.

The healthy practices that are promoted through this outreach include:

1.    Technique of hand washing
2.    Importance of social distancing
3.    Respiratory practices
4.    Relying on the right source of information
5.    Early recognition of COVID-19
6.    Protocols for self-quarantine for returning migrant workers

 Well-known celebrities like Raghu Kunche and Parthsarathy Nemani have lent their support with video messages.
The Trusts have deployed 4 master trainers who in turn have trained a pool of 50 community resource persons (village volunteers) to deliver the message till the last mile. Through the existing network of the Trusts’ programmes, the volunteers, associate organisations of the Trusts, community radios, village-based public address systems, and use of various internet and communication technologies, the exercise intends to engage, and create awareness among the masses.

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