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Prachi Chouksey.
India woke up to the demise of India’s most versatile actor Irrfaan Khan on Wednesday, sending shock waves across the country. The 54 year old actor who was battling cancer since 2018. He was admitted in a hospital in Mumbai on Tuesday night after his condition deteriorated and he succumbed to his illness on Wednesday morning.
With his iconic roles and realistic acting skills, he not just bagged movies in Bolywood, but also left a mark in Hollywood with movies like Jurrasic World, The amazing spider Man, The Namesake, the Lunch Box, Inferno and many others.
While actors and fans around the globe are sending in their condolences for Irrfaan Khan’s wife and two sons, Newscrust talks to a few who knew the legend from his struggling days and feel that despite all the success since then, the man did not change a bit. 

I shared a spiritual relationship with Irrfaan – Imran Hasnee, actor
“Not just an amazing actor, but a wonderful person by heart. Right now I am at loss of words. Irrfan Khan was a man of depth and substance. I got to spend some god time with him while shooting for Paan Singh Tomar in Chambal for nearly two months. In my many years of acting I have not met an established actor who does not show his stardom. But with Irrfan Khan, he was just like us. We were shooting at a location where there were no umbrellas and no vanity vans for the actors. But these extreme circumstances did not affect him. He used to sit with us on the rocks under the sun and enjoy and chat with all of us.”
“I had a very unique relationship with Irrfan Khan. I would rather say that we shared a spiritual relationship. Whenever we met, our conversations would invariably turn into spiritual discussions. We used to have long conversations about philosophy life and things revolving around it.”  

“He had a depth and this depth was seen in this acting as well. He made the characters he played revolve around his personality. No one can copy his acting because it was so unique and real in its own sense. His physical presence will be missed, but he will always rule the hearts and will hold a special place in our lives.”  

Simplicity and grace defined Irrfaan Khan – Amod Bhatt, Music director
“Irrfaan Khan, Tigmanshu Dhulia and I came to Mumbai almost at the same time. I would say, we began our struggle at the same time. I know him since then. A wonderful actor, no doubt about it. But he was also a great person by heart and this is what makes him different from others in this field.”
“I worked with a production house who made a film called Pratha and Irrfaan was offered a very important character. I was given the music direction and back ground scores. He had just entered the world of films and this was his first or second film. During his television soap days, I used to give background scores for his episodes. ‘Initially when we were low on budget, we used to make the set up at Irrfaan’s house in Malad every day and spend hours making the background scores. Every day we used to remove the set up from his house and put it in his car and then re set the stuff the next day to complete the recording. It usually used to be late so Irrfaan Khan used to drop us home with the same concern and love.”
"Often while making music we used to start playing cricket. Irrfan loved cricket and cricket discussions were invariable during our music making sessons." 
“He was a man of deep impact. It used to be like, whenever we met, he always used to leave a deep impact on us, specially on me. I will never forget his simplicity and graciousness and the love he always showered on me.”  

Irrfaan used to call me Don – Baljeet Parmar, veteran  journalist
His original name was Sahibzade Irrfan Khan. Born in the Pink City of Jaipur Sahibzade painted the Bollywood bastion of Bombay Red with his intense acting and down to earth professional mannerism. It was in 2004 or 2005, I don't recollect exactly, that Zee News produced a series of half an hour duration documentaries based  on Mumbai's underworld. A senior production chap came all the way from Delhi to discuss the subject with me apart from seeking my contribution in the prestigious project.
After many meetings, phone calls and months the project finally hot off the ground and was aptly titles 'DON'. Over the weeks it covered the life and times of Dawood Ibrahim, Karin Lala, Haji Mastan and Vararajan Mudaliar among others. In all ten such episodes were proposed and shooting for the same started in a big way.
I was there in almost all the episodes as an expert commentator on crime and underworld activities.
For weeks the channel gave enough publicity to Don and one fine evening the show started with a bang. My another encounter with him was while I was waiting for the flight at the departure l was killing my time observing co- passengers when I spotted Sahibzade flanked by few men in deep discussion. I stood close by waiting for a break in discussion. To my rescue Sahibzade spotted me and after some intense eye contact he said --DON? He hugged me and praised my comments and confidence on screen. He even introduced to his friends.

I couldn’t even thank Irrfaan -  Avinash Das, Movie critic
“I was in Delhi and I got an urgent call to arrange for Irrfaan Khan to come as a speaker to JNU. I spoke to him and he gave his confirmation. The next day, I reached the airprt sharp at 11 am to pick him up. He was accompanied by his make up man. While driving to the hotel from the airport, Irrfaan Khan asked me to book a room for his make up man which could be close to his hotel. I began thinking because, I was left with no money after making all the arrangements and bookings for the JNU event. Just as I was planning a way out, he as if reading my emotions said, No worries, if there is a problem, my make up man will share my room in the ICC. It took me a moment to digest what he said and I gave him a thankful smile.”  

“The JNU event was a huge success. A dinner party was organized by a friend of mine. Despite being packed in tight schedule, Irrfaan Khan never said that he was tired and wanted to rest. Instead, he was open to discussions for anyone who was willing to talk to him at the party. We then went to another hotel where Tigmanshu Dhulia was staying. After some time there, I asked his permission to leave and left for my residence.”
“Next day morning, I woke up by his phone call and he said that all the bills have been cleared. I told him why did he do that he said that I had a hectic day so do not come, next time you pay the bills and he left for Mumbai.” 
That was the first time we had met. I couldn’t even thank him for his gesture.”

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