Ayush bags World Record of Youngest Reiki Healer

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Adding another name to the list of achievers from Madhya Pradesh, Ayush Gupta, aged 16, has set a world record for becoming the youngest Reiki Healer in India. Ayush practices Reiki and also runs a Reiki centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Ayush started learning Reiki form the age of 11 under the guidance of Devank Shukla and has been practising Reiki since then. Since 2011, he has rectified and solved more than 250 mental and physical problems and has never looked back then.

“I started Reiki healing first at my home and with my family members. After I got positive results from them, I started taking people from the outside. I then started a healing centre in Madhya Pradesh, my home town, by the name Sadguru Healing Centre and healed more than 150 patients through Reiki,”  Ayush said.

After his success in Madhya Pradesh, Ayush opened a Reiki healing centre in Mumbai named Ayush Reiki Healing Centre.

When asked about the plans ahead Ayush said, “I am working on a book named ‘Reiki Brahmand ki Rahasyamay Urja’ in Hindi which will talk about the sifferent aspects of this form of healing. Reiki has helped coma patients as well.” 

Ayush has healed many celebrities including noted singer Shankar Mahadevan, comedian Balraj Saigal, Rajiv Thakur and many more. He is also featured with Amitabh Bacchan in his show Kaun Banega Crorepati, aired on Sony Entertainment Television. 

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