What made adarshwadi Anna get drunk and emotional on Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi?

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Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi will soon witness a very unlikely and a shocking twist. Adarshwadi Anna (Deven Bhojani) will be seen having an emotional meltdown in the upcoming episodes. Bhakharwadi, is known for the various flavors that every character adds to make this show a light hearted slice of life treat for the viewers. The show has recently witnessed the entry of Anna’s brother, Munna (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi), who along with his captivating energy has also brought a streak of turmoil in the Gokhale House and especially in Anna’s life.
Munna who has started playing his tricks on Anna by turning all the clocks 2 hours behind in Gokhale which lead to Anna waking up late for the first time in his life and watching his loyal customers wait outside his shop with disappointment. On the other hand, Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar) reveals that has invited Munna to the Gokhale House.
While continuing his series of tricks, Munna challenges Anna for a Pani Puri contest and Anna agrees without any knowledge of Munna’s scheme of adding alcohol in the spiced water. Anna, going ahead with the challenge ends up getting intoxicated and starts expressing his grief towards each of his family members. 
Anna principles are breaking with Munna’s dirty games. The following episodes will also reveal how Anna reacts when he finds that Munna his behind this? 
Deven Bhojani, playing the character of Anna said, “Munna’s entry has brought turmoil in Anna’s life. While the episodes further will be filled with laughter, the viewers will also witness the emotional side of Anna – something the fans have probably never seen before. It will be exciting to watch how things escalate between Anna and Munna and to watch Anna in an unusual avatar, keep watching Bhakharwadi.”
Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, playing the character of Munna said, “Munna is ‘khurafati’ and always has some tricks up his sleeves. I am enjoying essaying this free spirited and mischievous character – Munna. He is completely opposite of Anna and believes in living his life with no restrictions and principles. He has made Anna wake up late and even got him drunk. So it will be exciting to watch how his mischief unfolds further ‘kyuki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’.”

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