Saree Sansar celebrates 54 years of Excellence

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Saree Sansar at Bareilly celebrated 54 years in the industry on 2nd October 2019. Started in 1965, by Rajesh Chandra Gupta Saree Sansar has celebrated one of the world’s oldest and only surviving unstitched garments, the six yards of grace, beauty and elegance, the Saree.  They started off as wholesale dealers and entered the retail industry in 2011 with their first retail store at Civil Lines in Bareilly. Saree Sansar started off humbly with just Zardosi Sarees and today they deal in the six yards, suits, Kurtis, Lehenga, dresses, gowns and shawls. 

Rajesh Chandra Gupta founder of Saree Sansar reminisces about this journey of 54 years, “We started off as a very small scale wholesaler, and it was the love and faith of the people of Bareilly that made us who we are today. After 54 years of love from all our customers, we have become one of the most renowned and celebrated stores in Bareilly. We had started off with only one brand back then, Zardosi and today we can confidently claim that we have every variety for every occasion in our store.”

In 2011, Saree Sansar set up their first retail store; for the last 9 years the store has grown in leaps and bounds and today they have come a long way from their humble start. From Zardosi to their latest collection, Saree Sansar has sarees from different states and regions of India, under the same roof. From Bihar to Karnataka; Tamilnadu to Telangana; Uttar Pradesh to Maharashtra; Punjab to Orissa; Chhattisgarh to Madhya Pradesh; West Bengal to Assam and Jammu & Kashmir to Rajasthan. 

Jitesh Gupta son of Rajesh Chandra Gupta, is taking the brand forward with new ideas and collections. “We have special collections for every season and festival in the calendar year. We will be launching the Wedding Collection following our 54th anniversary and also will enter the online shopping arena; by launching our online store soon. Entering the E-market will allow us to expand and reach every corner of the country, we carry garments from every corner of the country and launching the online store will enable us to reach customers in every corner of the country.”

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