'Sanya ka Radio' rocks the internet

Radio is the theatre of mind
Theatre blooms our imagination and Radio expands it

Now-a-days social media has become an important part of our lives, especially the youth. 
Other than connecting people globally, it has also become the best platform to showcase their talent. 

Fulfilling her passions on the social media platforms Sanya Acharya has taken up radio-jockeying on the internet. In a candid conversation with Newscrust she spills some beans on her passion of becoming an Rj and her first Instagram live radio show.
She is also working for AIR (All India Radio)

Sanya Acharya , from the city of lakes ,Bhopal   has started the first Instagram live radio show 'Sanya ka radio'. 

"Radio was never the plan it was just a coincidence. When my teacher in college asked  me to try for Radio Jockey (RJ), I realized the flair in me and started making efforts to try my hands in this field. Basically I am a singer and used to sing in my college shows " Sanya said.  

When asked how she began her career in Radio Jockeying she said, "After graduation I started doing internships at radio stations where I realized that there are some restrictions. I always wanted a platform to talk freely and friendly so I chose social media , she added. 

Speaking on how she started her own radio station on the internet she revealed, "Sanya ka radio is something which just suddenly came into my mind. I just came live on Instagram , my mobile was damaged so I couldn't show my face. When people asked me the reason, I   replied that this is a radio show, so how I can show my face on the internet and this is how it all began."  

"My show airs from Monday to Saturday at 11 P M on Instagram with every day different topics like Retro Saturday , Chatarpatar Friday and I also have interviewed more than 50 guests on my show on artistic Tuesday,she elaborated," she added. 

Sanya opines that "Everyone is talented but just wait for right time because social media is the best platform to showcase talent." 

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