Albus Dumbledore is my favourite: Sudhir Dixit

Aditi Saraswat

Harry Potter and the...series of books and movies still rule our minds. The magical adventurous tour of the series, leaves us with the urge of wanting more of it, each time we watch the movies or read the books.

Talking to Newscrust about this magical adventure, writer Sudhir Dixit, who translated the Harry Potter series in Hindi, opens up about his experience of penning down the magical world in his mother tongue.

What difficulties you faced during the translation of the series ?

The main problem that we came across was the cultural diversity. If you say beef or pork in America, you have to write it as meat for Hindi audience. The main thing that we kept in mind is that the cultural difference should not change the essence of the story while translation.

People read simple Hindi these days. So, how do you choose your audience?

People these days don’t want to make efforts. They want to read simple things. When they come back from work tired, and, if they pick a book to read they want to keep it simple. So in today’s era the biggest challenge that any writer faces is to write in simple language, that should also be interesting at the same time. Nevertheless, most importantly if you are writing for children in that case, you have keep it simple and easy.

Which one is your favourite character from the series, other than the lead character?

Dumbledore. It is because Dumbledore is the main stay of everything. He is the source of consolation and strength for everybody. He can be considered greater than Voldemort, but his way of life is simpler. He is happy and funny at the same time, is important to live a happy and peaceful life.

If you would get any chance to use any spell or charm in your life, which one it would be?

Happiness is the charm that I would like to use in my life; because that is the ultimate thing we live for.

Which other books are there in your list that you would work upon?

We mainly work upon self-help books. It is quite different from the Harry Potter series. Currently the book that I am translating is Black Box Thinking, which is based on learning from our mistakes.

You have translated many books, which one still remains your favourite?

I have translated The Secret series , and , the Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, but, the response  that we got were not as good as compared to Harry Potter. So we then stuck to it, and undoubtedly it is my favourite.

How do you think that Indian literature has developed over recent years?

We have become more digitalised over the years. The publishers now publish more on kindle, and the book industry has revolutionised. The young generation is also tech –savy and is mobile friendly. We have revolutionised. They have converted themselves from hard cover to digitalised world.

How do you choose what to write ? How do you select the language to get a bestseller award and your audience?

One thing that should be kept in mind is that one should be honest about the work. It should always in the mind about the section of the society you are going to write about, and, to also keep in  mind that they want to read it simple. Write simple and you turn out to be bestseller.

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