You quit only when you lose - Amaan aka The Rapping Machine

                     I sell ice in the winter ,I sell fire in the hell ,I am a hustler ,I'll sell water to well.

Hip-hop these days is ruling the roost, with this form being accepted by the society with open arms. Bhopal itself has a bunch of good artists who are representing state at National level.

He claims to be the fastest rapper of Central India and also is one of the top 20 contestants of a rap reality show MTV hustle. In a candid conversation with Newscrust, The Rapping Machine aka Amaan Khan talks about his journey in the world of hip-hop.

We know so much about The Rapping Machine but who is Amaan Khan?

It is very true that everyone knows The Rapping Machine but, it is also true that I m at the verge to find Amaan. Without Amaan, The Rapping Machine does not exist. As The Rapping Machine I feel that Amaan is my manager, Amaan is calm and humble while everything which is performed and which is so energetic and crazy is all done by The Rapping Machine.

According to you what is the future of Hip hop?

The future of hip hop as right now is very bright, as I see many rappers evolving from Bhopal itself. This is the only genre which will give Bollywood another run, underground will soon dominate commercial. There is a girl representing Bhopal named Nikita Sharma aka Star Nick in MTv Hustle where I qualified till Top 20 so it is very clear  that the future is so bright.

What does your family opine about this profession? 

Being a single child it was unexpected, as this is an unstable profession you do not know when the ball flips. They are very supportive and have been by my side throughout. They never asked me to switch my profession.

Tell us something about your new track ‘Scene lit hai’? 

‘Scene lit hai’ two years old, it took a lot time, it is a party anthem and I m getting good response from the audience. Working with Shameless Mani  is always fun he is someone who is really crazy. It was a inspiring project for me.

You have done two reality shows, what was your experience?

 It was inspiring and grooming journey, seeing the experienced artist in front of  you and getting tips from them is something an artist die for. Dil Hai Hidustani was my first show which was broadcasted on Star Plus where I reached till top 24 and another was MTV Hustle where I made till Top 20.

What message you will give to the hip hop artist like you?

 I just want to say never quit this is field where you don't know when the ball flips , its just you are not loosing you are just postponing your success. Every artist is a hustler that's why we have two names one is real and another is hustle name. For rappers I will say be you are an artist and you live for audience, so be humble. 

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