When India meets West

Shreyash Mishra, Shubham Bairagi

Introducing Bhopal to a new genre of music, noted Italian Opera singer Arianna Ianci, left the audience spell bound with the soulful voice at Dhrupad Sansthan, Gurukul on Tuesday evening. The event was a part of a tour marking celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Arianna’s performances during the evening included devotional songs of European countries from the medieval period. She performed songs from Italy, France, Germany, Spain and also included lullaby’s and   sacred chants, few conversations in the form of music composed by Italian writer, a lady nun and many others.

She was accompanied by Sanjeev Shree on flamingo guitar.

“Music is the subject which should not be understood but should be felt. Unlike other subjects Music ca not be understood by words but it can be taught or learned through emotions and feelings,”  Padmashree Ramakant Gundecha said.

About the artiste: 

Arianna lanci is an international artist performing on the occasion of 500 anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci known for his art, science, engineering, architecture, anatomy and many few people know that he even experimented with music, innovated and advanced it as a genre, he invented musical instruments and he himself composed very peculiar music compositions. She took a single class from Dhrupad brothers 15 years ago.

In conversation with Arianna: 

In a candid conversation with Newscrust, she speaks about the difference between Indian and Western Classical music.

What is the difference between western and Indian classical music?

Primarily Indian classical music is based on vocal notes, they do not have written proofs or notes of the music but, western classical music can be found in written form, they have musical notes. Indian and Western Classical music are different on musical notes as well.

How is your experience of coming and performing to India?
I am glad to perform in India, a very good audience is here. And thanks to Ramakant sir who invited me to come and perform here in Bhopal, India. I am obliged.

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