Literacy can only be garnered by communication: Praveen Purukayasth

A special lecture on Changing trends in Journalism and Future of Digital Media was organised at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication (MCU), Bhopal, state capital of Madhya Pradesh, India on Wednesday. The chief guest of this occasion was Praveen Purukayasth, editor NewsClick, a digital news platform touted as alternative to corporate media. 

While addressing the students he stated that Communication is necessary for every kingdom, be it man or animal one. It enables us to express and further record our know how,  and in this evolved humankind technology aids the communication process. In any civilization, fundamental rights could only be garnered and allowed to us by literacy and literacy by communication. 

Hence the democratization of content and news feeds could only be achieved by shattering the monopoly over communication my a handful of multi casters, he added. 

Talking further on this topic he addressed, "Business model of Facebook and other platform economy is based on virality, bad news, shallow feeds and hate speech. Since they role as a mere platform to the content they cannot be questioned, challenged or trialed,  rather the content provider is made responsible." 

He went on to say that, Mussolini's fascism was backed up by Radio. In the same way, today, the social media trains us "How not to think", by simply clicking the like button, recording algorithms of an individual, and engaging in filter bubble trap. 

The program was conducted by first semester student of Masters in Journalism (MJ) Raghvendra Pratap Singh and attended by Rector, Dr.  Shrikant Singh,  Prof Arun Tripathi, teachers and students. 

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