Bhopal's rendezvous with rap culture

NC Correspondent

Introducing Bhopal to the rapping culture, Revolution Cypher1.0 was organized on Sunday at La Vida. The event was organized by D3VA creations. 

This Cypher  saw participation of nearly 30 rappers and  more than 10 beat boxers. The motive of this event was to bring change in society for the acceptance of Hip hop.This event was supported by Beatboxer Madhya Pradesh , Mp  04 and Galat vichar groups. 

"We are trying to give platform to rappers as in bhopal there are so many platforms for music and dance but no platform for hip hop," Deva Jain  , Event organiser , said. 

When asked one of the rapper Aksat Arya aka Sanki about his journey of rapping he said " I started rapping because continuouly I failed three classes I never liked  to study but my mind was so creative so I started writing for myself , rapping  is my passion . By profession Sanki is  manager of Drinx Cafe which is at DB mall."

"The future of hip hop is so bright ,when I started rapping 8 years ago that time it was not accepted by society but now the time has changed and people are accepting it and it will be at peak after some years," lsan Brijlani aka  Sippi , Interior designer by profession and hip hop artist by passion, said. 

What is Cypher ?

 Cypher means a gathering of rappers , where without  disrespecting or interrupting the artist showcase the talent one by one without breaking the cypher (circle )

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