Super seven places to visit in and near Bhopal

With the onset of monsoons , people crave to explore the cool breeze and the soothing green landscapes of the city. The city of lakes is the best place to visit during monsoon. Here are some of the most beautiful places you must go and hang out with  friends and family. These places can give visitors memorable  experience with beautiful surroundings. 

 Kajal Tharwani 

Bhojpur  is  famous for its incomplete Bhojeswar temple dedicated to lord Shiva . This place is has a beautiful and  surrounding. It has 7.5 feel high lingam in its sanctum and it is believed to have been constructed in 21st century.

 Mahadev Pani is the place away from hectic schedule of city life. Located 30 kms east of Bhopal, this place is flocked by a number of migratory birds arriving here in different seasons, the area around the Mahadev Paani waterfall is one of the perfect fits for an adventurous trekking.The 14 km long trek is the highlight of this experience as you walk through the dense jungle, all the while enjoying some of the most beautiful views of the forests and hills around the Mahadev Paani region.

Pachmarhi, also know as Satpura ki Rani is situated near Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh near Bhopal .Pachmarhi is a picturesque hill station. This place is blessed with ancient caves and beautiful monuments . It can give any person a memorable experience.

Sanchi is a small village situated near at the fool of hill,located very close to Bhopal.This place is known for the ancient Stupas , monasteries and it has very rich Buddhist culture which date back to 3rd century B.C  . The monuments of Sanchi are one of the  oldest stone structures in India. It surrounds the lush gardens providing visitors peace. This is a grand tribute to peaceful religion of Buddhism.

Manuabhan Tekri is the highest point of the city.The hill commands lovely view of the Upper lake and the old Bhopal town. This is much frequent by  lovers,young couples as well as families.
There is a ropeway too, and the dusk time is best to visit the tekri.

Birla Mandir - This temple was build in the honour of Lakshmi , the deity of wealth and her consort Narayan,the preservers of universe. It is surrounded by greenery and an ancient charm. Spread over 7.5 acres adorned with maintained lawns , gardens ,fountains and sculptures. This grand temple attracts thousand of of devotee during the festival of Janmashtami and Diwali. The sandy -yellowish colour of the temple and the contagious greenery of the gardens adds an antique appeal to its ambiance.

Bhimbetka is derived from historical tale of Mahabharata.  There are so many caves out of which 12 are open for public viewing. These caves are an invaluable chronicle of history. It is connected to the city by accessible roads and taxis are readily available.

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