One accident changed my life

I choose not to place "DIS", in my ability. 
I stumbled, fell and now I will rise. 
  Kajal Tharwani

No matter how much we want things to be perfect, but life has its own plans.  Everything happens for a reason and life goes on. Javed Choudhari, a para athlete who has been chosen for Dance Deewane a reality show on colors TV, speaks to Newscrust  on how his life changed after an accident.

Twenty five year old Javed has cleared three selection rounds to be chosen for the popular reality show.  "I met with a bike accident four years ago in Lunar Maharashtra, where in I lost my right leg. I could not get medical assistance on time and it was 33 hours after the accident  I could reach the hospital. My condition was critical. Due to the delay in medical assistance, my right leg was amputated," Javed recalled.

While pursuing pharmacy, Javed participated in many dance competitions. "I loved dancing from the beginning  However, after accident I thought I will never be able to dance again. I had lost my confidence,"  he said.

Speaking about his family Javed said ,"My father is a farmer. My parents have bought me up with a lot of difficulty. I had to fulfill their dreams and stand up to their expectations. So I started working things out. I started playing basketball and became a captain  for para-athlete basket ball team,"

"I could not get over my craving for dance. I felt as though something is missing from my life. then I thought, I still have one leg and I can still pursue my dreams in the field of dance. I gradually started balancing and preparing on various songs. I cleared all the three rounds of Dance Deewane and now aim at winning the competition,"  he said.

On asking about his further plans he said, "My life now aims at working for the society. I will continue playing basket ball and what ever I do will have a social message."

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