Consumer Forum snaps Rs. 7800 fine on SBI

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The District court, Bhopal on Friday directed the State Bank of India (SBI) to repay complainant Raj Mangal Singh an amount of Rs. 7800 against the petition of mental harassment, financial and social loss.
 “The complainant purchased a scooter that he loaned from a private money lending company. Raj Mangal Singh agreed to repay the loan through cheques of his account in State Bank of India,” Advocate Varun Sharma, lawyer of the complainant said.
In October 2017, Raj Mangal Singh paid his instalment of Rs. 2177 to the private money lending firm through his SBI cheque. Interestingly the cheque bounced twice in the recipient bank with a deduction of Rs. 590.
Raj Mangal Singh, visited the bank number of times to enquire about the deduction, but the officials did not give him a satisfactory response, he alleged.

For the next one month he continued to revisit the bank but never got an answer. In November 2017 his twice deducted amount of Rs.590 was refunded in his account for which bank never answered.

In response to the negligence of the bank, Raj Mangal Singh, filed a petition in the consumer forum. The petition said:
·      The private money lenders charged Rs.800 as a penalty for the cheque bounce and delayed payment of instalment.
·      Opposite party was failed in providing service assistance to the customer resulting in social harassment.

·      As Mangal revisited the bank for a month he could not render his services to his office facing some of financial losses.
·      Revisits to the bank also harassed the complainant mentally.
·      The litigation charges of pulling the opposite party into forum are also counted as financial losses.
Complainant pleaded to the consumer forum asking for compensation against the financial losses and the mental torment that he was subjected to.
The forum directed the bank to pay Raj Mangal Singh amount of Rs.7800 within two months and warned against the behaviour of the banks in respect to the customer satisfaction.

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