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When there is a will, there is a way. Giving this message an event for Indian youth was organised in Bhopal on Sunday. The Indian Youth Concalve was organised in Bhopal’s Campion school where motivational speaker and social activist Poonam Shroti, singer Stebin Ben, Padwomen of India Hemlata and Jamuna and other successful  youth shared their journey, with the audience. 

Youth are the pillars of society -

Talking about youth Poonam said that we can give better Engineers, Doctors , sports person to our country so why can’t we give the right direction to ther youth. My story will inspire you to be different and to be inspiration for others.

She is 32 year old who is suffering from Ostrogenesis Imperfecta (OI) which is incurable and is from birth but her disease never stopped her from being different ,She is also working for differently abled youth by her welfare society.

President awardee Poonam Shroti talked about some key points of life for success which are negative motivation, never give up attitude , challenging yourself and believing on yourself. She also included that overcoming your fears is so much important for you and she also said my biggest fear is that my bones anytime can break as I travel from wheelchair and I reached here with the help of four people a single mistake from any one among than can make me injured but I overcame it and I m in front of you.

Saving money is good

Famous Padwomen of India Hemlata and Jamuna said that I bought the machine of making pad by owing money from village sabha. When I joined with some group I got to know that their are many women who use dirty cloth which cause serious disease to them in fact they can die because of it.When women like me can go and sell the pad than anyone can do. If  we can make pad so we also can give path to society.

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