Indian Railways a blend of errors.

Train is a part of society's convenience, where you cross paths with people of different taste and from different walks of life. What we neglect are problems, which we face in long distance trains.

Recently I traveled from Delhi to Bhopal just to interact with the travellers discussing problems they face during their journey.With the country's atmosphere politically charged due to the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, Newscrust highlights some of these issues,which remain mainly ignored by the administration. 

“Most of us do not know about the rules and regulations of Indian Railways. One can break their long journey into parts on the same ticket if one is covering over 500 kms. They just have to inform the concerned authorities after completing 500 kms and individual or group of individuals are allowed to stay in railway waiting rooms for a day or two," a female passenger requesting anonymity said. 

“Lack of knowledge affects journey at times, considering yourself as listed under waiting list, usually your reserved seats are transferred to someone else, most of the times for money and victims are mainly from small town who don’t know how to check their PNR numbers.” Middle aged marketing person, Sanjeev dwivedi said. One can’t smoke in the train everyone knows but Gaurav from Agra opines that corruption helps you to do so, this person was satisfied with authorities of railways as he can smoke inside just by paying Rs 50 to the concerned officers.

Unauthorized food vendors,increasing chaos and spreading health problems are concerning a married lady who controls a house and maintains the standard of living for a family. “why government just can’t take a fixed number of reservation applications after the booking of available seats in a compartment, why waiting list reaches over 200 when it can’t be confirmed?” Anurag Singh, age 30 a private sector employee questioned.

“GRPF treats villagers badly, even TC charges high money from them” Nirmala Kumari told, who belongs to a village. “Hygiene problem, stained basins  with pan-masala spit, intersections, windows and even doors, bathroom dirty as always, and unfortunately cleaners are not providing their services properly.” said Shivam Tayade cafe owner at Bhopal. People like Ajay Rane from a small town of Maharashtra, a frequent traveller, are happy with services of railways but unsatisfied with some other works of government such as steps towards farming. He supports organic farming, an alternative for normal farming.

A group  of students from Delhi found lapses in security system of railway stations. “Anyone can come up as a human bomb, or easily smuggle herbs or medicinal drugs as metal detectors doesn’t seem to be working in a proper manner, even baggage scanners can be avoided easily.” Stated by a student.Passengers commonly complained about delayed arrivals and departures of trains.

Broken windows and door locks worry many passengers. Suggestion by  a few was provided for some problems like an executive manager should be hired for looking after the catering services. Cleaning staff must get paid high to improve their work efficiency.

It was shockingly fun interacting with public as a traveller who votes or who will vote. 

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