Twice Miss MP and now Miss Asia.

A 18 year old  Fitness model  Khushi Thakre living in Bhopal twice won the title of Miss MP and now on Wednesday bagged  Miss Asia title .

Kajal Tharwani   

Khushi started fitness training one year ago,and was fully motivated for her new journey. She is just 18 and dream to bring change in society for the  girls who  belong from middle class family and dreams to be a model. People are biased towards this this profession. Khushi choose to fight and is now planning to appear for Miss World 2019.

In an informal  conversation with newscrust , Khushi spils  some beans on her journey from a girl next door to Miss Asia.

Ques - What  problems you faced during fitness tranning ?
Ans  -  Dehydration , is the  biggest problem I  faced as during my first competition Idid not drink water  for 2 days, as the body should look rip.  The second problem  was facing audience as people judge you really quickly in this field, and they comment on you which lowers your confidence and makes you  nervous.

Ques -What was your experience during Miss Asia ?
Ans- It was a tough competition to be chosen among 10 participants from  differnt part of Asia, I  really find myself lucky to  be here.

Ques -Why  you  chose this profession ?
Ans - I belive in trying differnt things in life and  my sister suggested me to compete for Miss MP 2019, and from then my life just changed completely.Being a model was just a random thought and now it is a part of my life.

Ques - Who inspired you to be a model ?
Ans -  It is because for my teacher Moh. Javed who trained me alot and wanted me  to be the best fitness model, and  I give all credit to him as , and he  himself is a body builder and recived many awards in body building.

Ques - What message you will  give girls like you ?
Ans  - Don't sacrifice your dreams due to society , as I have seen many girls queting modelling due to pressure of society . If you want than just do don't think to much.

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