Rejuvenation of brain and soul at police control room

Shreyash Mishra
We need mental support for whatever we do. We find this support either in our loved ones or in the almighty, asking God to give us strength and courage. 
Madhya Pradesh Police is no exception. showing their live and affection to the God, Bhopal Police make their offering in the Hanuman temple at control room every week. The temple is made of bricks donated by a contractor, officials said. .

When was it made?
"This temple is situated here from more than 30 years  and it has been more than approximately 20 years that the police force offer their prayers here, for their health, family and for the well-being of the society,"  a police official requesting anonymity said. 
Policemen conduct a 'Sundarkand' every Saturday after their working hours. Civilians also actively participate in this weekly ritual. Their practice of worshiping is not funded by government but these policemen with the help of the local residents donate according to their will for the Sacrament and for the rest of the rituals. Senior policemen by age do the worship and other ritual ceremony.
These strict looking officers inherit some God gifted art of playing classical musical instruments such as harmonium, dholak, manjeera and they recite the Sundarkand, with all their devotion.

Why they do this ?
These officers believe that this way they connect to God and it helps them calm their souls and minds. “No government support but it all happens with the help of the common public and the colleagues of the department.” Says one of the policemen. “Every festival is celebrated here mainly, Mahashivratri and festivals of high religious value” he added.
They execute these prayers for    rejuvenation of brain and soul. And this way it goes on. One officer even expect little help from government if possible.

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