A poetic delight for Bhopal.

Abhimaan cultural society celebrated it’s fourth anniversary on Monday at Swaraj Bhawan, Bhopal. The society aims at spreading awareness through its cultural activities .

The team got some supportive hands over their heads, from the very begining. Some faces were present in the celebration Madan Mohan Samar, DSP MP Police Academy, Maloye Jain, AIG Training Bhopal, Dr. Prashant Tripathi, CEO Denasia the dental group, Shraddha Mishra, ASP Crime branch, Dr. Anuprita Mishra, Group HOD TIT college.The event comprised of around 10 participants  reciting poems written by them.

What is Abhiman known for ?
Abhimaan has a tieup with Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC)  for the street plays on the subject of cleanliness.By now they already have done more than 250 street plays and over 20 flash mobs.
A good number of theatres, at  renowned places such as Ravindra Bhawan, Saras Bhawan, Shahid Bhawan and various other places.They even went to Delhi for their theatres and street plays.They had done a series of 10 open mics, named as “Sham-e-lutf”, giving platforms to the young writers and poets who encourage our culture and tradition.

Whereit all started?

Four years ago the group of five members, Aayush Khare, Dinkar Ji, Amit Singh Baghel, Pooja Malviya and Deepti Mishra students in TIT College got up and prepared for a skit in very less time and won the first prize for it. Planned it as motive and their career, made a NGO with the help of few more people. Their families even stood up with them as pillars and supported them at every point of time.
Their parents teach us that every child is special and if they support them they will grow like a tree. This NGO is planning for an event in the upcoming months on a state level named as “Josh” where young talents will able to show their writing, speaking and shooting talents.
Their team of more than 50 members is truly helpful for each other at every point of time as said by one of the member. “Everyone acts like a family, we have been blessed with these friends cum members.” Pooja said 
“WE all stand like supporters for each other” said by Aayush

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