Games are good, 
but addiction to games can prove harmful to the youth. 

Much to the disappointment of PUBG lovers, the Madhya Pradesh government is likely to ban Players Unknown Battle Ground known as PUBG in the state citing its negative impact on the youth. State home minister Bala Bachchan and law minister PC Sharma said as large number of complaints being received, a decision will soon be taken. This game witnessed overnight success in India.

Newscrust speaks to a few youngsters from various fields taking their response on the government’s decision to ban this game in the state.

This is a bad news, it should not be banned. This is the best time for youth as you meet so many new friends in the battle ground. ‘I m in a relationship with PUBG ‘ she said. 
Deepti  Chawke, student 

If this game  will be ban than my life will be incomplete as in office PUBG is my time utilizer. ‘This should be not done I m the biggest fan of PUBG ‘  he said .
Ganesh Singh Sales Manager 

I don’t play PUBG  as I have so much more important work to do. There  is no productivity in PUBG . People sacrifice their sleep for this game this has become the addiction .
Abdul Rehan Khan, Student 

I have just deleted PUBG from my mobile phone as it was time taking and I was not able to manage my work . If people who play PUBG invest their time somewhere else they would surely do something worthy . 
Sunil Malviya, Photographer 

Parents will get their children back , I have deleted PUBG as I was not able to my work . I was so  into it that I forget my work even sometimes I forget to eat food because of it .

Arun Uikey, Self Employed 

 I have seen my friend playing PUBG in the parking of college they shout when they are playing it will be great if it will be banned atleast they will get a life and will do something better  except this .
Ishan Saxena , Student 


I have listened about this game, this generation is too  much into it. Using of mobile is dangerous for heath, it diverts your concentration. Students are becoming so violet because of this game. This is good to be banned for students and good for society as well.
Prakash Mishra, Financial Consultant  

Their are so many games like PUBG if it will be banned, I will play another  games like this. I love playing games. Ban on PUBG will impact the big players who generate money from it.
Apoorv Chaturvedi, Student  

My biggest time pass is PUBG and  I can play it throughout my life . This should be ban only for school going students as college student do not have much pressure, while playing game it creates connection between friends and sibling .

Isha Modi, student 

This should be banned as youth is wasting their major time in playing PUBG. I think it is the most annoying game in this time. It is the best decision taken by the Government.
Vinay Haswani, Student 

What is PUBG?

PUBG (Player's Unknown Battle Ground) is an online multiplayer battle Royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, subsidiary of south Korean game Blue Hole, Inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale .In this game up to 100 players can participate and they reach to the is and scanvage for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves.

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