President awardee Poonam Shroti answers querries of prisoners

“People often sort for suicide as a solution to stress. Even you must have been engulfed by stress. Did you ever think of suicide as a solution?”

The above conversation was not a normal discussion. This question was posed by a prisoner of Bhopal Central Jail to President awardee Poonam Shroti, during a motivational session held for the prisoners on Tuesday. Poonam, who suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, was addressing a crowd of nearly 500 prisoners during the session in the auditorium of Bhopal Central jail.
If I can, You can, was the slogan she induced in the minds of the prisoners. Thirty four year old Poonam, who was seated on a wheel chair, to address the gathering spoke about different aspects of life. Encouraging the prisoners to change their lifestyle, she made them promise that they would thrive for a better life after completing their respective terms.
During the conversation, a prisoner posed a question stating, “My case is under trial. I am not yet proven guilty of the crime. I also wish to concentrate on my career. In this condition what should I do.” To which Poonam replied, “Put your faith in Law. Utilize your time in doing the right thing.” 

On asking her whether she thought of committing suicide she said, “Ending your life is not a solution for any problem. By even thinking of committing suicide, you invariably create problems for those who love and care for you. Whenever you are upset, give time for yourself and think positive. Ask yourself that is it worth putting an end to my life here, or is it worth fighting your problems off.” 

Concluding the conversation with the prisoners she said, “Do not take this span of life as an imprisonment. This is a time for you to think how can you contribute in a positive way to the society. This change will truly help you be a better person in life.  
The session concluded with two songs sung by the prisoners .

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