Of life and womanhood

Canvassing different shades of life, a five day painting exhibition 'Kadambini' is being held at DB City Mall, from Tuesday. 

Organized by Deepanjali Foundation, the exhibition saw nearly 31 paintings at exhibit flawlessly showcasing different shades of a woman's life. The event is organized on the occasion International Women's Day, on Friday. 

The exhibition marked paintings of different genres including Madhubani, canvas painting, abstract art, Acrylic, pen art and many more, leaving the art lovers of the city spell bound. 

"We saw to it that we chose painters who mastered different styles of art. We have artistes from class X to middle aged artistes. Each painting showed the strength of women, encouraging them, motivating artists. All the piece of arts were focused on improvement of women,"  Neeta Deep Bajpai, President Deepanjali Foundation said. 

Divided by career united by art

Painters were of different age pursuing different careers but all blessed with a common thing. Some of the artists were housewives, some were studying in class 10th and left their examinations to paint but they all believed in women.

Painter's families were very supportive which was another common factor among them.

Paintings narrating stories

Artists were influenced by the women based society. Paintings depicted various stories few showed strength, confidence, fearlessness and few depicted the life journey of their loved ones.

Heaven for art lovers

"The paintings exhibited here are inspiring and motivational. Few show values and few depict the journey." Vibhanshu Joshi, Motivational speaker said. He praised the painting of late. Ranjana Malviya who was suffering from Cerebral Palsy, passed away at the age of 27. "Her body was paralyzed and painted by holding the pen/brush in her mouth," remembering her as an inspiration, artiste Pallavi Malviya told Newscrust. The organizer of the event said that "women cannot be kept restricted or bounded within the walls of thinking." She added to her words that "her daughter also painted where she depicted her life story how she survived after her husband."

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