Shramdaan - A Step Towards Change.



Shramdaan, a thought of creating employment among the people of rural area, so that they can lead a peaceful life and can earn bread for their families. This initiative was taken up by a group of nine people, headed by Acharya vidyasagar ji Maharaj in 2015, and today they are a source of income for 600 people.Talking to team NewsCrust, Siddhant jain, the controller of Bhopal outlet, says - “We are always taught that religion should be practical. So, for us this work is like a religion.”

What is this shramdaan all about ?

Basically, Shramdaan is non profit organization, working to support the life of rural artisans, along with striving to preserve the rich culture and heritage of handloom. It produces 100% fully cotton clothes which are light weighted, skin friendly and do not under go any sort of chemical preparation.

Cause for a social change :

The members of this organization, are no where less than any good bread earner. The people involved with this association are very well qualified and even were offered high packages in esteemed organization, but the desire to serve the society and bring a change made them forget all these privileges. Along with this handloom work, these people are also involved in organic farming and again the reason behind this is to provide employment to people.

They mainly focus on four objectives :
1.    Employment.
2.    Organic farming.
3.    Fair wages.
4.    Environmental sustainability.

Their present locations :

Today, they have a total of nine centres in M.P, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. They are Bina barah, Kundalpur, Kunthalgiri, shirad shahapur, Mandala, Mumbai, Bhopal, Ashok Nagar, Parswaha, kumhari, Jagdalpur, sadlaga, Dindori, Masarguppi, Paporaji.

Their USP :

After talking to Siddhant jain, we came to know that the major problem faced by handloom industry now a days is the innovation.He says -  “First and the foremost reason for the customers is not being influenced by this handloom material is their simplicity. Customer want something different and attractive. So they turned this obstacle as an opportunity to cater the needs of the people.” They started preparing the attires which provide the customers very comfortable along with the of innovation different patterns, designs which usually are not seen in the handloom material.

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