NASSCOM & Gurugram civic body preaches anti-encroachment drive

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NASSCOM Haryana joins Municipal Corporation Gurugram in appealing to shops, offices, apartment complexes and single residences to voluntarily remove encroachments from footpaths all over the city. Fences and shrubs and parking should be removed or moved back so that people can walk comfortably and safely.

NASSCOM Haryana has been working on making Gurugram walk able through various initiatives – the Raahgiri Day effort, the Walk On song and video with Euphoria, and the Active Commuting and Walk to Work campaigns. NASSCOM Haryana has also been working with various arms of the government on Haryana Vision Zero, a state-wide program to eliminate deaths from road crashes.

Dr.ManasFuloria, chairperson of the NASSCOM Regional Council, Haryana, said “The traffic jams, bad air, road rage and rising obesity are all a product of over-reliance on private transport. We need instead to build a city where priority is given to public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists. For people to choose to walk and use Gurugam buses and the metro, it is essential that we have convenient and unobstructed footpaths all over the city. Please help with this and also ensure the safety of pedestrians – especially children and senior citizens - by removing footpath encroachments in your neighborhood.”

Yashpal Yadav, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Gurugram said, “We really appreciate that institutions like NASSCOM are coming forward to work for reclaiming these footpaths for public use. Such government-corporate partnership will create public awareness and make our anti-encroachment efforts more effective and durable. So this is a very welcome step and as MCG, we are always ready to support this.”

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