DB Mall's vibrant Valentine's Day

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With the onset of Valentine’s Day, DB City Mall, Bhopal will charm the city shoppers with a unique decor idea making it one of the major attractions for young couples.

The whole decor is divided into pink and red themed decoration for welcoming the customers by enhancing the flavour of season.

“Mall is usually the most sought after hangout spot on Valentine's Day and besotted couples pour in to celebrate the day of love there. We have come up with an interesting theme to awe-strike the visitors and make their Valentine's Day even more special. Apart from shopping and movie viewing, the passersby also get to see innovative themes that are more attention grabbing than anything else”  Abhinav Palival, Marketing Manager, DB Mall said.

One of the most happening place in Bhopal has decorated and adorned in a way a lot of smitten love birds have their first date. This year DB City Mall came up with Love Theme, an installation of a vintage auto rickshaw, embodying soulful journey of love. The Love 3D unit is a beautiful display for all love struck passengers who can enjoy the paradise to celebrate Valentine's Day.

“With every festival the mall has a unique decoration which becomes a shooting spot for all the mall visitors. They understand the taste of the customers and behave accordingly,” Shreyash Mishra and Kajal Tharwani, student said.

“You always have a vibrant feeling during festivals when you visit the mall. It gives you the feel of any festivity and the ambiance increases your spirit to enjoy that moment,”  Aditi Saraswat, media professional said.

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