Bhopal colleges cancel fest as tribute to Pulwama martyrs

Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. 
Salute your bravery. 

In an attempt to pay tribute to the soldiers martyred during the Pulwama attack, Sarojini Naidu Government Girl’s Post Graduation College (SNGGPG) and Government Motilal Vigyaan Mahavidyalaya (MVM) colleges have cancelled their annual celebrations respectively.

‘Advita’ celebrated by SNGGPC that was scheduled from February 25, 2019 to 02 March, 2019 and the annual function of MVM college which was scheduled during the same time, have been cancelled.   

“The administration had a unanimous decision on this issue. When the country is facing a grave situation like this, we cannot hold a celebration. We have also decided to contribute a day’s salary of the entire staff to help the families of the martyred,” Dr. Manjula Sharma, Principal, SNGGPG said.

Sources claim that the annual function of MVM College has been cancelled because the administration had donated the fund allotted for fest to help the families of the soldiers who lost their lives during the Pulwama attack.

However, Dr. Neeraj Agnihotri, Principal MVM could not be reached for quote.

The decision of cancellation of this annual fest was taken by the students itself, Sharma added. “We later took suggestions from council of girls where approximately 250 girls where present and after discussion the decision was taken to cancel the fest.

The otherwise happening atmosphere of the college, seemed dull during this festive season of the college. The annual celebrations included, Nutan Nandini, solo dance, group dance, solo singing, group singing, street play, salad making, mehendi competition, rangoli competition and many more.

The students who had excitedly prepared for the fest, instantly agreed with the decision of the administration.

Students opine:

“We are so much happy with the decision taken by the council as this is the best way to give tribute to martyrs  as they fight for our country so how can we celebrate on their sacrifice,” Madhu Meena, student I year BSc, SNGGPG  said.

“It was the proudest moment when we heard that Advita has been cancelled to give tribute to martyrs, this very true we have prepared a lot but it’s okay this is our way to show love for our country,” Ayushi Rajput, student, I year BSc, SNGGPG said.

“This shows our awareness towards country, the fest is not so much important. The fest will be done next year, but this should not be repeated again. ‘What has been done cannot be undone,” Shruti Maheshwari, Student II Year B.Com SNGGPG said.

“I completely agree with the decision of the administration. It is a good initiative by the college. This is the least we can do for our country,” Aman Malviya, student, II year, BSc, MVM College.

“This is just one way of contributing to our nation. Annual functions can be held every year,” Shubham Rana, II Year BSc, MVM College.

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