Achieved different, by being different

Women are the pillars of society. They face a lot in life. Now-a-days ,it is important for women’s to be independent. Despite of all the issues they 

give their best to accomplish their goals. A Women Empowerment at Workplace event was organized by the Women’s Harassment Prevention Committee of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Polytechnic College on Friday. The event had President awardee Poonam Shroti, a motivational speaker and Priya Sonpar, psychologist as chief guests.

The main objective behind this session was to address two issues Women empowerment and how to manage workplace with other responsibilities. The event began with the lighting of the lamp followed by a session by Priya Sonpar, who is a psychologist. She spoke about the people of this generation losing their core values and becoming independent. 

Further, the event continued with Poonam Shroti’s session. She started her session with one statement that she considers herself more of a story teller rather than a motivational speaker. In her session she gave three golden rule to lead a successful and an optimistic life never give up, determination for one’s goal, consider all your negativity around you as a challenge and take it as a Negative motivation, overcome all your fear.

Poonam personally believes and tell others to work upon one of the Gandhiji’s philosophy "Be the change in the world". 

She also mentioned that her  friends and family supported her so much and motivated her all the time . she also said that doing nothing in life is the biggest failure and biggest disappointment of life and she concluded her session with one statement that “The real challenge is not with disabled people it’s with the normal people. The way they behave with physically challenged people and their mentality is the major problem.”  

After Poonam’s session there was a question answer round which included certain questions related to her personal life and the NGO’s she is related to and her future perspectives. 

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