Is Bhopal Haat losing its charm?

Reducing footfall and shoppers losing interest in Bhopal Haat  is a major concern for shopkeepers here. 

Yogita Yadav 

Bhopal: The much hyped Bhopal Haat, which was once known for its exquisite range of handicrafts, now seems to be losing its charm. If the locals are to be believed, infamous Regional Saras Mela, has failed to attract shopping freaks of the city this festive season, citing a stereotype in the variety of items.

This year the fair took off from January 04 and would conclude on January 16, 2019. while on a visit to the BHOPAL HAAT Yogita Yadavof gets a ground report on the reason behind reducing footfall in this fair.


It is found that the lowering in number of stalls which used to be approximately 300 earlier has come to around 180 now in 2019. Sources requesting anonymity stated that either reducing interest of the localites in this fair is one of the reasons that now, people are not interested in putting up stalls here.

“The purchase rate which was about 40,000 rupees per day earlier has devastatingly fallen to Rs. 450-500 per day." said Monica Prajapat ( a stall holder of ceramic made materials pots or showpieces). 

Similarly a group of 10 people came from Jalgao, Maharashtra to put on display their multiple grains and a large variety of kitchenware stated, “We have just earned an amount equivalent to their investment this time. in last 7-8years the sale rate has just decreased.
Thakur Das along from Tikamgarh has so far claimed to have received zero percent sell as of now. This is contrary to the profits earned in the earlier years, he said.


🔹️Nothing new in variety of clothing, materials to look at.
🔹️Same regional stalls like every year.
🔹️Local regional shopkeeper's stalls are more in number
🔹️Lack of cuisine variety.

🔹️Number of stalls in quantity has decreased.


Chanderi sarees with cost effective prices  is forever love for the ladies of Bhopal says, Chitra Rahangdale  while Usha Nayak came along with her husband and friends to visit and purchase special household items from mela.

For Umesh Rahanfdale, it was different kind of pulses that attracted him to the fair. “I find various types of multi grain pulses wheat from different regions and makes him to visit Saras Mela every years from 10-12years.  

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