Film talk and screening at Central Kafe

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The cine world has always been fascinating for everyone and it is only later that one finds out how difficult it is to actually shoot a film and generate revenue from the same. Based on this very concept Madboxx Media organised a talk on how to monetize a short film along with the screening of a short film ‘Chhotu’ on Tuesday, 20th November at Central Kafe where more than 40 people were present to watch the screening of the short film.

Along with the screening of the short film Chhotu, the official promotional song was also launched which has been created by Dhaiwat-The Band from Indore. The short film is based on the real life story of Raghav Diwan and has been co-produced by Abhishek K Nair. Sheena Chohan and Raghav Diwan have played the lead roles in the film. The film was appreciated by audience with huge applause. Chhotu has been released on Sony LIV and has received acclamation in many international film festivals like Los Angeles Cinefest 2018, Miami Indie Festival 2018, AAB International Festival 2018, Filmsaaz 2018, Virgin Spring Cinefest and  Calcutta Cult Film Festival 2018.

The talk session was about how one can create a good short film in limited resources and how it can be monetized, Raghav Diwan, actor and writer of the film Chhotu explained how even a mobile can be used to shoot a short film using the various online tools and applications available on the web. “The first important thing is the idea and the story of the film. Next is the shooting of the film which you can do even with a good mobile phone using various tools available online and use the applications available for editing. If you get stuck somewhere, then you can use Google and learn how to use the applications and tools”, said Raghav.

About monetizing the short film, Akash Shrivastav from Madboxx Media explained that it is a myth that short films cannot earn much. “The most important thing is a good content. When you have a good content people, take your work hand in hand. You can then use over the top (OTT), inflight distribution, surface distribution and Video on demand to release your film and distribute it. Another important thing to keep in mind is the cost of production. Never go for higher cost of production for a short film. Send your film in film festivals, release it on YouTube and go for infilm branding for other needs”.

Raghav also highlighted that it is always important for the filmmaker to contact the channels directly without any middleman. “This is a bit difficult part but you should always go directly to channels, take their reviews and make changes accordingly. This helps in selling the film a lot”, he said.

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