World Post Day

Anagha Telang

Every year on 9 October World Post Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 at the Swiss Capital, Bern. In 1969, the Universal Post Union (UPU)  Congress held in Tokyo, Japan declared this date as World Post Day. 

Since then, countries across the world participate annually in the celebrations. The Posts in many countries use the event to introduce or promote new postal products and services.

Countries from all over the world in the year 2015 committed themselves for working together for achieving the goals of Sustainable Development.  It aims to end extreme poverty and hunger, also to fight inequality and injustice. They also take action to reverse climate change and 17 countries have agreed to accomplish these goals. 

Today the post play a relevant role than ever as it provide infrastructure for development.  

Universal Postal Congress
The Universal Postal Congress helps increase awareness of global communication and trade and how these are linked with postal services. Originally known as the General Postal Union, it changed its name to the Universal Postal Union in 1878. At this time it also became a specialised agency on the United Nations. A conference is held every year. 

The UPU works to increase awareness of this special day by designing posters and distributing them around the world. There are no particular themes used but the design being used for the period up to 2018 revolves around innovation, integration and inclusion. The Union’s three objectives.


The main purpose of this day is to create awareness on the role of the postal sector in people and business in day to day life. It also highlight the contribution of post in social and economic development of the countries. This celebration encourages all the member countries to undertake  programme activities which aim at creating awareness of their Post’s role and activities among the public and media on a national scale.

More than 150 countries every year celebrate World Post Day in different ways. Many nations observe a working holiday. In some countries on this day new postal services are introduced or promoted and in some countries posts reward their employees for good services.

Exhibitions are organised and new stamps and date collection marks are issued. Display of World Post days at post offices, mail centers, postal museums, conferences, seminars, & workshops along with cultural, sports and recreational activities are organised. Lot of Postal administrations issue special souvenirs which include T-shirts and badges.  

  • 2011: “The Post, an invaluable public service”.
  • 2012: “Write a letter to an athlete or sports figure you admire to explain what the Olympic Games mean to you”.
  • 2013: “The Post Delivering for People and Businesses Daily”.
  • 2014: “Posts claim their place in the changing communication landscape” and “Write a letter describing how music can touch lives”.
  • 2015: “Tell us about the world you want to grow up in”.
  • 2016: “Innovation, Integration and Inclusion”.
  • 2017: “Imagine you are an advisor to the new UN Secretary-General; which world issue would you help him tackle first and how would you advise him to solve it?”
  • 2018: yet to come.

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