The rocket science behind good marks

"Children learn more from what you are than from what you teach."

Swami Vivekanand library, Bhopal in collaboration with Club literati is organizing the book launch of the book Parvarish aur Antardwand: Parivaar ke Maahoul se Judi Bachoo ki safalta on Thursday, 25 October.

The book is written by Dr. Shikha Rastogi, C.B.S.E. Counsellor and journalist Preeti Jain. The book tries to explain the stories of the toppers. If you keep the environment of the family happy, collaborative, target oriented and organized where every member is given the liberty to put forward their opinion without any fear and hesitation and everyone respects the emotions of one-another success can be  achieved by common students of common families.

"Immense pressure and high expectations  would only lead to suicides and not good marks."

Preeti Jain is a senior Journalist. She is a reporter since 13 years and education has always been her forte. From January 2006 to May 2018 she worked for Danik Bhaskar, Bhopal. She is presently working as a journalist in People Samachar, Bhopal. 

when asked about her inspiration she said that, "I have always been working as a ground reporter and meet the toppers of various national level entrance examinations, knowing their success and struggle stories. Also I have covered issues like education reform, counseling and relationships. That is something which inspired me."

Preeti said, "Toppers come from different backgrounds but one thing which is common in these families is the environment, the planning, a well chalked out timetable and a healthy relationship between the parents and child. Immense pressure and high expectations and hopes would only lead to suicides and not good marks."

When asked about an incidence which pushed her to think she shared that a girl in Bhopal committed suicide. Her shoes and bag along with a note was found near the lake which clearly mentioned that she was not able to handle the pressure and biology is something which she is not able to understand. Suicide is the only option left and that's why she is choosing it. 

Preeti also shared that her parents were always very supportive and never questioned her choices. She shifted from one field to another but her parents always supported her. 

"For parents results become the matter of pride and prestige in the society and this is very wrong."

Dr. Shikha Rastogi is working in the field of education from 33 years as a counselor, administrator and principal. She is a psychologist and a counselor in C.B.S.E. and has came across challenges which the parents and students are facing throughout the country.   

Dr. Shikha shared that self-motivation is the key factor which inspired her to write. "Being a psychologist and a counselor I meet lot of children and their parents, specially during exam times. I talk to them and know what kind of problems they face and that' how Parvarish aur Antardwand  happened. "

When asked about her observations Dr. Shikha Said that during exam period everyone is worried about marks and results. The children are always under pressure and face the issue of time management. At times the parents pressurize their wards to take the subject of their choices. "For parents results become the matter of pride and prestige in the society and this is very wrong."

Dr. Shikha also shared an incidence in which a very bright girl of her school whom everyone was expecting to become the topper attempted suicide. Her parents had very high expectations from her and they thought that if they are spending money and paying so much fees it is her duty to top the exams and clear the medical entrance test. During the counselling session they were explained and guided but did not worked on it properly. Ultimately the student attempted suicide. She was saved but her entire year got wasted.

"My Parents were very open minded and supportive. They never pressurized me to drop my studies even after the pressure of family and society they allowed me to complete my Ph.D. 

"Through this book the parents would be able to do their self-analysis and also would be able to examine their style of parenting."

Both the authors said that the book has been written to help all the families who are dealing with any kind of parent-child relationship issues. We have shared our experiences and observations here. The book will act as a guide for the current generation of parents and also the coming generation of parents. It is based on the ground realities which would let people examine people as a parent or as a teacher. They said, "We hope that this book will help you to achieve something or the other which you have been thinking of. This book will give you a practical approach towards the parent-child issues. Through this the parents would be able to do their self-analysis and also would be able to examine their style of parenting."

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