Punjab CM ordered release of the scholarships

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Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh ordered the release of the pending post-matric scholarships for Dalit students and also warned strict action against  private institutions if they deny admission due to delayed payment, on Monday. 

This order came in a meeting which followed the completion of an audit of the  the scholarship disbursement for 2015-16. 

CM asked the finance department to release the pending amount of Rs 100 crore to the private institutions for 2015-16 by October-end. Along with this he also directed the release of the 2016-17 amount by the end of November. 

He has asked the welfare department to complete the disbursement of the post-matric scholarships for Scheduled Castes by 31 December and also to ensure timely payment of the center's share towards the scheme. 

Singh has asked Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, Social Welfare Minister to hold a meeting with the  representatives of private institutions and  asking them not to cause inconvenience to any students due to the delayed payment of scholarships, as the state government was streamlining the disbursements.

He also asked the welfare principal secretary to immediately review the Centre's revised guidelines on the post-matric scholarship, which would eventually burden the state with an additional Rs 720 crore.

Amarinder said he had already raised this issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and would again request him to resolve it, keeping in view the state's dismal financial position, and for securing the future of Dalit students in particular.

The chief minister asked the welfare department to follow the already-prescribed guidelines of the Union government in the matter of making payment of scholarships in case of drop-out Dalit students.

The scholarship is given with the objective to provide financial assistance to Dalit students studying at post-matriculation and post-secondary stages.

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