Page3 role models are not in 'BETWEEN U & ME'

“Be the flame of fate, that torch of truth to guide our young people toward a better future for themselves and for this country.” 
                                               -Michelle Obama

Anagha Telang

What is the similarity between a school teacher who believes in simple living and high thinking, an author whose every book is a bestseller, a popular initiator of the HRD (HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT) movement in India, an innovative educationist, a high-class hair dresser, and other people like them?

Answer to all these question will be disclosed on 28 October, 2018- Sunday at the Arera Club Bhopal with Club Literati in the launch of the book "Between U & Me: Ordinary People- extraordinary lesson." The book is authored by Aparna Sharma and foreword by Padma Bhushan awarded Dr. Devi Shetty. 

It is an inspirational book about extraordinary lessons from 14 ordinary people. Felicitated with the Woman Achiever Award 2018 by Indian Women Convention, Global Outstanding corporate award for excellence in Human Resources', HR super achiever award, and many other laurels; Aparna has a 21 year of experience in the field of Human Resource (HR). She is a learning partner, mentor and coach to leaders, leader of many teams and organisations. In 2015 she launched her first book "Reality Bytes -The Role of HR in Today's world." 


Why should you draw inspiration from only rich and famous people? We should get inspired from common people and all those  people who live around us."

Role models are not only those 

who belong to the Page-3 

Talking to the NEWSCRUST , the author said, "It is an inspirational memoir which has the stories of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things in their lives. It contains 14 stories of 14 people who belong to different professions and have inspired me in some way or the other. 

When asked about her inspiration behind writing this book Aparna said, "Why should you draw inspiration from only rich and famous people? We should get inspired from common people and and all those people who live around us. Role models are not only those who belong to the page-3 group they can be ordinary people like you and me."

Aparna also shared that this book is a combination of 15 books in 1 book. All those who have shared their stories have a lot in similar but there is something which is a bit uncommon and that's make a difference. She also shared that she has known these 14 people either personally or professionally from many years.

when asked about the writing style of the book  Aparna said, "The book is written in first person. It is a conversation between the narrator and the reader and this also makes the title of the book justified. In the beginning of every chapter I have written a letter to the person whose story is being shared."

She also said that the book is for all generations of readers. The eldest person whose story is written is 80 years old and the youngest is 20 years old. "You cans start reading the book from any chapter. The stories are not connected all you will find in each story is inspiration. 

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