Jharkhand CM demands reports on rape cases

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Raghubar Das, Jharkhand Chief Minister (CM) on Tuesday demanded reports from the superintendent of police (SP) of all the 24 districts in the state regarding rape incidents in their respective districts. 

During his weekly programme 'Sidhi Baat' (Jan Samvad) with the public in Ranchi the CM directed all the SPs to submit the reports within a week on all the rape incidents along with the action taken by them. 

He will review the actions taken by the police force to arrest the culprit, filled charge sheets against the, along with their convictions. 

The CM also expressed his concern on a complaint which is connected with no action taken aginst the accused person who committed a crime on a girl in Giridih district.  

Das ordered the SP of Giridih to file a charge sheet in 2 months on all the cases of rape. He also directed the SP to suspend the police officer or the investigation officer if he failed to do so within the given time period. 

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