High school student Commits suicide

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A student of class 10 shot himself dead in the toilet of his school the Purba Barddhaman district on Monday.

The boy is Kalim Seikh, in the government aided co-educational school at Ketugram, Dadhia Gopal Das High School, used a country-made 7 mm pistol to commit suicide. 

Headmaster Biswanath Ghosh said, "We heard the sound of a gunshot from the boys' toilet around 11 am shortly after the prayer. When we reached there, Kalim was lying on the floor in a pool of blood."

The authorities informed the police. Later the boy was taken to the hospital and was declared dead by the doctor. The body was then sent for post-mortem and examination. 

It may be a case of suicide and love affair could be the reason behind it. The police is still not sure how the boy produced a pistol. 

His family members, however, claim without elaboration that Kalim was killed by his friends.

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