Final Year Architecture students felicitated

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The valedictory by INTACH, Bhopal Chapter was conducted in the Dept. of Architecture and Planning, MANIT, Bhopal on Friday to felicitate the students of Final Year Architecture for their work on conservation of Gates of Bhopal. 

The event took place in the presence of Shri M.M. Upadhyay Convenor and State Patron, INTACH Madhya Pradesh, O.P. Mishra, Co-convener, INTACH Bhopal, Dr. Yogesh Garg Head of Dept., Dr. Jagdish Singh, Workshop Coordinator. The work done by the students was greatly appreciated by the jury members and was said to be very helpful for future references. A total prize money of Rs. 15000 was distributed amongst top three groups so that students are motivated for such opportunities in the future.

Within the scope of competition, the students documented 14 historical gates of Bhopal in 7 different groups. They further prepared measured drawings and visualisations for the same. The last stage of the competition was giving of proposals for new uses of such historical buildings. The students were supported largely by INTACH and guide Dr. Jagdish Singh. 

Out of the seven group, group – 1 documented the Dakheel Darwaza Lal Darwaza and were the winners of the first position in the competition. group – 2 documented the Moti Mahal & Sadar Manzil Gate and received the runners up prize. The third group documented the Bhopal Gate and Benazir Gate and received the second runners up prize.

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