Captain Kohli raised his concern over the new regulations

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Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli on saturday raised his concern over the new regulations of ICC. These regulations permit water breaks only at the fall of a wicket or in-between overs, and also hoped match officials take into account external factors such as heat.

According to the new ICC regulations from 30th September onward  water breaks are permitted only at the fall of a wicket or in-between overs, with unscheduled breaks at the umpires' discretion.

The temperature in Rajkot is touching almost 40 degrees Celsius on each of the three days of the first Test between India and West Indies. Players of both the teams were under the continuous supervision of umpires while asking for drinks breaks.

Kohli after the game said, "That was a bit to do with the umpires pushing us as well, with these new rules coming in of not drinking too much water.The guys really struggled in this game because of those few changes. It was quite difficult for the guys not to drink water for close to 40-45 minutes while batting and on the field as well. I'm sure they'll look into this" 

India won the game by a record innings and 272 runs. Cheteshwar Pujara worked around the water-break restrictions by sipping from small bottles in his pocket while batting. The heat played a part in going in with a fifth bowler at the expense of an extra batsman.

"We wanted to have the extra guy because of the heat factor. Four bowlers would have struggled in these conditions and we just wanted to give them bit more breaks in between and still have quality bowling coming at the opposition," kohli added. 

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