Aditi Mittal renders unconditional apology to Kaneez Surka

NC Network

Aditi Mittal on Wednesday, issued an unconditional apology to fellow comic Kaneez Surka for violating her space but said her "intentions were not sexual in nature".

Surka accused the comedienne of sexual harassment, claiming the fellow comic "forcibly kissed" her on the mouth two years ago at a comedy show.

Mittal said, fellow comic, who was hosting an open mic, gave a peck on the lips "as a joke as a part of the act" but "there was no tongue". She had apologized later to Surka when she realised the discomfort she had caused.

She said, she and Surka talked about the matter at length in 2017, and her contemporary accepted her unconditional apology.

Addressing Surka's claims, that she had turned  hostile  towards her, Mittal said she began to consciously avoid any place that she or anyone from those social circles might be.Mittal said Surka gave her a two-day ultimatum to speak up and when she did not, the latter went ahead with her account on social media.

Surka on Wednesday, alleged Mittal  over violating  her boundaries of personal choice and "humiliated" her in front of an audience of 100 and many comedians.She said, seeing Mittal's name all over social media as "a champion of the cause" had been troubling her for some time and only a public apology would bring her closure.

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