Absence from movies doesn't mean an actor is out of work :Mugdha Godse

The idea of fashion is to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Anything that you wear should give you comfort and be in trend at the same time. Model turned actress Mugdha Godse have a similar idea about the fashion.The actress was in Bhopal,state capital of Madhya Pradesh, for an event and here she shared some of her views on, what is fashion for her. In an informal conversation with Newscrust, she spills some beans on her future plans and reveals the reason for her absence from the industry for a short while. 

Opining on the #metoo campaign, she told that, she is lucky enough to have not faced anything of that sort in her career till now,and not even any of her colleagues or friends have faced any such thing, as far she knows. "I personally feel happy for such people who are coming forward and sharing their stories through this campaign, who otherwise feel shy and shameful to share any such thing." 

On asking about her idea of fashion she said, "Anything that gives comfort is fashion for me. I never wear such things which i don’t feel relaxed or comfortable in. Especially this thing should be kept in mind during the festive season, because people have work during the day, so the attire should be comfortable. Max is a store which gives you comfort and fashion hand in hand." 

Opening up on her temporary absence from the industry she said, "Whenever an actor is not seen on the big screen or any upcoming project is not announced, people make notions that the particular person has now taken leave or will not work further. This is not the case.We are engaged all time somewhere or the other. There is so much of work off the screen as well. I was not on screen but behind the scene. I was engaged on  a digital platform all this while." 

Talking about her upcoming project she said, she is busy with her short film “Drishtee” which will soon release. "Apparently I am also sharing screen with Krishna and Sudesh in a comic serial “Sharmaji Ki Lag Gyi “ which shall be aired on Sony channel sometime soon.

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