A unique initiative to install rooftop projects

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A unique initiative has been taken to install rooftop projects in Madhya Pradesh. Investment is required from the beneficiary institutions under this people will get electricity at very less rate than the present electricity rates.

Electricity at the rate of Re. 1.58 paisa per unit to 10 buildings of Power Grid Corporation, Re. 1.67 per unit to 17 buildings of Union government’s institutions, Re. 1.69 per unit to 9 buildings of Municipal Corporation, Re. 1.74 per unit to 3 buildings of Government Medical College, Re. 1.91 per unit to 12 buildings to government universities, Rs. 2.21 per unit to 291 buildings of Government colleges, Rs. 2.33 per unit to 156 buildings of Madhya Pradesh Police establishments and Rs. 2.35 per unit to 124 buildings of government engineering, polytechnic and ITI will be supplied.

This tender has been accomplished with the cooperation of the World Bank of International Solar Alliance (ISA). This is being praised in the state and the entire country.

The Power Purchase Agreement has been made for this with the representatives of 291 colleges, 12 government universities and 124 engineering, polytechnic and ITIs.

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