Work in Assam has come to virtual standstill:Opposition

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Hitting out at BJP-led government in Assam, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Debabrata Saikia claimed, that the saffron party has not been able to live up to its promise of bringing about a change in the state.Development activities have come to only virtual standstill in Assam, a release issued by the Congress leader here said.

"Public Health Engineering Minister Rihon Daimary admitted in the Assembly on Thursday , that no new piped water supply scheme has been sanctioned in the current fiscal. He also clarified that funds have not been sanctioned for maintenance of the functional water schemes," Saikia said.The people of Assam had not expected  such change which would make "potable water scarce" in the state, the leader of opposition in the Assembly quipped.
Saikia also claimed, that the PHE Minister had assured him in the House, in February last year that department officials would be expediting work for Namdangiya and Gelakey Moran water supply schemes in Nazira Assembly constituency.The projects, however, have remained incomplete even after 1.5 years, he observed.
Apart from this , Saikia stated, only 5,834 of 9,420 piped water supply schemes are operational in Assam.
"A total of 2288 schemes have been lying defuncted  and 1298 others still at the construction stage. In Doom Dooma Assembly constituency, for instance, just 10 of 31 water schemes are currently operational," he said.Although necessary sanctions for revival of the non-functional schemes were accorded in financial year 2017-18, nothing has been done on the ground.

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