Women die due to abortion of female foetus in Karnataka

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A case of female foeticide came up in the Usilampatti town of Madurai district of Karnataka. A 30 year old woman died in the seventh month of her pregnancy due to an abortion carried by a nurse on Tuesday. 

Ramuthayee already had three girl children and thus decided to abort her fourth child when a private hospital revealed that the the foetus is also a girl child. The hospital conducted a sex determination test despite the ban. 

The family wanted that she should undergo an abortion even after the doctor informed the risk behind the abortion in such a mature pregnancy. They then took her to a  nurse who performed the abortion at the residence, leading to her death. 

The nurse was missing and police had registered a case. Further investigation is going on.

The town of Usilampatti was famous for female infanticide by administering poison. The practise slowly came down when the State government took various initiatives. They also launched the "Craddle Baby" schem. Under this scheme parents can handover girl children they did not want to bring up.

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