The conversion of a book into a screenplay is a huge process: Kabir Khan

NC Network, Mumbai
Despite having access to rich literature, the film industry fails to have good scripts because enough writers are not nurtured.  

The Bollywood director addressed this issue in the 'Word To Screen Market' an initiative by Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with star. 

Kabir adapted "Mumbai Avengers", a book written by Hussai Zaidi in his 2015 released film "Phantom." He  believes there are not enough adaptations happening in the industry.

"We are still depending on the original scripts written by the writers we have. We have a huge dearth of scripts, dearth of material that can go on screen," he said. 

He commented, "In Hollywood an A-list director is usually confused between ten scripts, as to which film he should do in a year. Here, we are dying to get that one script that excites us." 

He further adds, "the industry is not picking up enough from our history and that is something we really need to start doing."

"We also have to look into the quality in most of those films. Story is not really the backbone in most of those films. Most of the times a lot of those films are just proposals. Some actors come in together with a director trying to make a spectacle out of it," he added. 

The director appreciated the effort of getting filmmakers and authors together. He belives that it is the the industry's responsibility now to take charge and convert books into films.

He said, "The process of taking it from the book and bringing it on screen is the responsibility of the industry. The industry needs to devote resources and finances in developing screenplay writers who have the ability to convert a book into a screenplay."

He believes that adapting a book into a film is a 'huge process' and one needs specialised skills to fulfill this task, which is where Hollywood excels. 

"The conversion of a book into a screenplay is a huge process. One has to make sure it moves you on screen as it did while reading it on paper. The reason why Hollywood is able to do it so well is because they have a pool of screenplay writers who have that skill", he commented.

"It's a huge skill set. We can't just pick up a book and say 'this can be easily done for screen.' We unfortunately don't have a large pool of screenplay writers. As an industry, we have not nurtured screenplay writers over the years. Now we need to do that.

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