Rahul Gandhi is a directionless leader: Prakash Javdekar

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Minister of Human Resource & Development Prakash Javadekar  on Monday termed Rahul Gandhi as a ""directionless leader." He also said that the congress head and his party  have no hope to return to power therefore they were trying to create a campaign on the basis of lies and speculations against the BJP government.

Javdekar was in Jaipur  to attend a higher education and human resource conclave, where he passed this statement. 

He also commented that Gandhi has no facts and evidence against government over the Rafale deal. 

Congress is attacking PM Modi over  Rafale issue, alleging corruption in the deal.

"Rahul Gandhi is a directionless leader. Only allegations cannot make someone corrupt. Gandhi has no facts or evidence (to support his allegations against the government)," Javdekar said. 

He also said that there were evidences and proof over the coal scam on UPA government. 
He said, "They were voted out in 2014. There is no chance of their return to power and therefore they have made a new strategy. They cannot level allegation of corruption on the government.  In the last four and a half year, there was not a single allegation of corruption against any minister or on the government so they are just leveling false allegations." 

while pointing out towards the Rafale issue he said,  "Rafale is a government to government contract and there was no 'Dalal' (broker) in the deal and this is the pain of the Congress because they were dependent on 'Dalals'.  In defence deals, there used to be dalals and this time there is no Dalal in the contract. No campaign can be created on the basis of lies. They have no issue so they, on the basis of lies and speculations, are creating propaganda." 

He said that a lie remains a lie. Speak it for a thousand times but it will always be a lie. 

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