Protect the Ozone Today...For a better Tomorrow!!

Every year, on September 16, whole World celebrates International day for the preservation of Ozone layer as World Ozone Day.

                                                                                  Avinash Anand 

During the United Nations convention in Vienna for the Montreal Protocol, the General Assembly declared September 16 as the World Ozone day in order to remind the world of the depleting ozone layer.

The first ozone hole was discovered 30 years ago in May 1985 over Antarctica. Later, NASA found that entire Antarctica was affected and temperatures had begun to rise. The ozone layer absorbs most of the Sun's ultraviolet light which is harmful to human life and other life forms. It absorbs about 97 to 99 per cent of ultraviolet rays and maintains the ozone-oxygen cycle.

Some unknown facts about Ozone layer that we must know:

  • ·         The ozone is found in Earth's atmosphere. About 90% ozone is found within 17 kilometres of Earth's surface while the rest of the ozone is found in the stratosphere
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  • ·         Carbon is one of the main elements which is breaking down the ozone. After the Montreal Protocol signing, over 190 countries acted on the use of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and most countries have banned this compound.

  • ·         As per a report; India,China and South Korea were responsible for 70 per cent of CFC production despite the use of CFCs has been banned completely around the globe. 
  • ·         Dobson unit is a unit which is used to measure the ozone in the atmosphere at a standard temperature and pressure.

  • ·         The ozone depletion has led to the greenhouse effect which has resulted in global warming. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are cancerous and they can cause skin cancer.

How we can save the Ozone?

·         The less carbon we use, the better it is for the Ozone layer. Carbon is found everywhere and every pollutant affects the layer in some way.

·         In order to protect the ozone, we must reduce the use of fossil fuels.    We must reduce the energy consumption at our homes and try to conserve our resources as much as we can.

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