Professor suspended for allegedly misappropriating funds.

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A professor of Hyderabad based National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR) has been suspended for allegedly misappropriating funds.

W R Reddy NIRD & PR Director General said in a release that a serious complaint of financial misappropriation "committed" by EV Prakash Rao regarding conduct of training programmes at institute's centre in Patna was received through the CBl by it.

He was placed under suspension on September 24.

In 2008 Prakash Rao was posted at Patna and conducted training up to February 2015. 

"A preliminary inquiry conducted by the institute, prima facie established that Prakash Rao while conducting training at Patna, abused his official position to fudge records and created bogus documents to siphon government funds on a large scale for wrongful personal gain," said Reddy. 

Prakash Rao has been placed under suspension with immediate effect. 

During the period this order remains in force, the headquarters of Prakash Rao shall be Hyderabad and he shall not leave it.

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