Of Spells and charms

NC Network, Bhopal

The two day Harry Potter festival took off on Saturday with great zeal and enthusiasm. Organized by Club Literati this one of its kind festival saw immense participation from the Harry Potter fans. The event was organized at Swami Vivekanand Library.  

During the first half of the event the Harry Potter fans gathered to share their different experiences regarding the book and how their childhood revolved around Harry Potter. 

In the second half of event, a quiz was organised and the participants were divided into four groups each named on the groups mentioned in the book. Griffiendor, Huffelpuff, Revenclaw, Slitherein. The winner of the quiz was Huffelpuff house. The winners of the quiz were given Harry Potter books.

An open quiz was also organized for audience which was followed by an audio visual round. This markedthe conclusion of the first day of the festival. 

The second and concluding day will se a talk session by Sudhir Dixit, rhe author who translated Harry Potter books into Hindi. 

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