Air craft with 136 people landed on a wrong runway

NC Network, Maldives

An Air India aircraft with more than 136 people landed on a wrong runway at the Male airport in Maldives on Friday. Two pilots have bee taken off duty. 

The plane landed at an "uncommissioned runway" and all passengers are safe.
Since  it is a serious incident  the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) has been informed.

The plane was flying from  Thiruvananthapuram to Male.

As per a senior Air India official  the aircraft "VT EXL landed on an under-construction runway at Male". The plane landed at Velana international airport at Male.

There were almost 136 passengers and crew members on board. Tyres of the plane were deflated and the aircraft was towed away to the parking bay

 Two tyres of the aircraft were deflated it could be because the pilots applied brakes on realising that they landed on a wrong runway.
 Both pilots of the plane have been "off rostered", said the senior official at aviation regulator DGCA. 

Off rostering refers to pilots being taken off their flying duties.

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