In true sense of freedom

Anagha Telang

This year India is celebrating its 72nd year of independence. The glorifying history and story of the nation make us feel proud about the struggle we have undergone to become what the nation is today.

In due course of time the meaning of "Independence" for the country has changed. During the past it was making the country free from the British atrocities. Then Independence for the country meant making India free from the problems which existed in the society and ensuring the development the nation in every possible manner.

In the year 2018 the meaning and sense of Independence for the youth of the country has changed in a drastic manner. During that era it was 'INDEPENDENCE' and today the country is looking for 'FREEDOM'. 
Freedom from the evils that are still existing in the society, freedom from problems which are not just problems but are hampering the development of the society, and freedom from living in constrains.

Youth speaks...
Freedom for me is....

Anshita Tripathi
"Freedom for me is to carry myself according to my choice & comfort and not that of the society."

Swati Tiwari
"Freedom for me is to make my decisions and choices independently"

Anamika Bharti
"Freedom for me is to express myself in all the way I am without being judged"

Shreshth Jaiswal
"Freedom to me is to work for my passion, later on a professional level."

Jayesh Kasture
"Freedom to me is the inner peace with which I sleep in the night or wake up in the morning."

Shreya Pandey
"Freedom to me is a nation free of religion."

Apoorva Acharya
"Freedom to me is to know myself better."

Ambuj Tak
"Freedom to me is performing my duties first and then thinking about my rights."

Avinash Anand
"Freedom to me is being me without anyone's permission, without any hesitation, without caring that people will like me or not. Just the way i am."

Arundhati Acharya
"Freedom to me when i will walk on the roads of my nation without any fear and without being judged on the basis of my clothes."

Vibhav Dev Shukla
"Freedom to me is when human realise that weapons are not necessary.  A stage when where you can express yourself without any fear."

Sahil Mirza
"Freedom to me is respect, knowledge and support."

Arundhati Dev
"Freedom to me is having the power, the essential rights, the capacity and the ability to make choices that honour who am I."

Rajeshwari Telang
"Freedom to me is the liberty to be who I am and what I choose to be without any judgement or prejudices or fear.

Vaibhav Bharadwaj
"Freedom to me is the ability to choose my own vices & virtues, at the same time taking into consideration the well being of others."

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